Pub-loving Cathy visits 300th Red Lion

22 Jan

Cathy Price, the woman on a mission to visit every Red Lion in the country, has kicked off 2013 by visiting her 300th pub. She reached the milestone at the Red Lion in central Oxford on 19th January.

With 300 pubs under her belt, Cathy, from Walton-le-Dale in Lancashire, is around halfway through her selective pub crawl, meaning that she has another two years or so of Red Lion visiting ahead of her, at her current rate.

In her most recent Red Lion ‘hunt’,  to Oxfordshire, Cathy took in 16 pubs over a weekend – despite heavy snow around some of the more rural sites.  She says, “It’s good to reach the midway point and feel that I’m getting closer to my final Red Lion.

“It has been the most amazing experience, taking me to parts of the country I’d never have visited otherwise and connecting me with some fantastic people.  I’ve got some wonderful memories  – and I’m looking forward to collecting more from the next 300 or so visits to Red Lions.”

Cathy’s pub pilgrimage began in April 2011 after a trip to the Red Lion in Hawkshead, Cumbria and discovering that it was the nation’s most popular pub name. In every pub she visits, Cathy orders a beer – preferably local ale –   having been ‘converted’ by Dea Latis members from her previous tipple of red wine.

Follow Cathy via on Facebook/Cathy’s Crazy Red Lion Pub Crawl or onTwitter CathyPrice@RedLion-Quest

Cathy Price, outside her 300th Red Lion in central Oxford

Cathy Price, outside her 300th Red Lion in central Oxford

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