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Women beer-lovers host beer and cheese tasting

3 Oct

A group of beer-loving women is holding a beer and cheese tasting in central London next Wednesday, 8 October,  to encourage more women to discover the delights of our national drink.

Dea Latis – named after the Celtic goddess of beer and water – was established by a handful of women working in pubs and breweries, and hosts regular tastings to demonstrate beer’s versatility as a partner with different foods.  The beer and cheese tasting is being held on:

Date:               Wednesday 8th October

Time:              3.00 – 5.00 pm

Venue:            The Bishops Finger,  9-10 West Smithfield, London EC1A 9JR

Guests will be offered five different beer and cheese combinations, from goat’s cheese and fruit beer to traditional ale and cheddar. Hosting the event and explaining the beer and cheese matches is Annabel Smith, one of the country’s only female Beer Sommeliers.

Annabel says, “The hallmark of a great match of beer and cheese, or indeed any food and drink, is that they enhance each other’s taste.  Beer works especially well with cheese as its natural carbonation cuts through the fattiness of cheese – which is something wine can’t do.”

Tickets, including five beers, cheeses, expert talks and tea/coffee, cost £17 per person. Please visit our Eventbrite page to buy tickets:  http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dea-latis-beer-and-cheese-tasting-tickets-12781994289?aff=es2&rank=0

Further information:    Ros Shiel, ros@shielporter.com

Lisa Harlow: lisa@lisaharlow.co.uk

Brewsters unite in collaborative beer

23 Feb
Follow Sophie on Twitter @BrewSophie

Follow Sophie on Twitter @BrewSophie

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2014 brewsters across the world will brew the same beer recipe in a unique international event.

Unite Pale Ale will be brewed to raise the profile of women in the brewing industry and for women who love to drink beer. The project was conceived by Sophie de Ronde. head brewer of Brentwood Brewing Company in Essex, who recruited members of Project Venus and Pink Boots Society to participate.

Dozens of brewsters in Britain, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA (including Stone and Dogfish Head) are all taking part and inviting beer loving women intrigued by the idea of brewing to join them for a sociable brew day. Locations of the participating breweries are shown here: http://bit.ly/1ftjfKO

Several brewing suppliers are donating ingredients, including UK hop merchant Charles Faram and profits from beer sales will be donated to a charity of the brewster’s choice.

Follow the event and its participants on Twitter at #IWCB or through our own feed @DeaLatis

For the beer recipe go to: http://pinkbootssociety.org/iwcbd/

Good Beer Guide Editor toasts the Brewster as more women join the real ale revolution

18 Sep

According to the Editor of the 2014 Good Beer Guide, female brewers, or ‘brewsters’, are adding momentum to the thriving Real Ale market in the UK and helping to attract new drinkers.

More and more women are setting up breweries or becoming head brewers according to the Editor of the 2014 Good Beer Guide published by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale today. The guides Editor, Roger Protz, had this to say on the resurgence of the female brewer,

“It is only in modern times that men have overtaken women as the main brewers of beer, as historically it was women who dominated brewing. Traditionally known as ‘brewsters’, it is fantastic to see more women rejoining the industry and in many cases giving the chaps a run for their money, such as the award winning Brewsters Brewing Company in Lincolnshire.”

In fact one of the most important brewing positions in the UK is now held by a woman following a recent high ranking promotion. Emma Gilleland was this year promoted from Head Brewer at Marston’s to Head of Supply Chain, covering all five Marston’s brewery brands. She believes beer has become more accessible to women in recent years,

“The rise in interest in ales by women is because beer is far more interesting these days. Only ten years ago, the perception would have been that ale was bitter tasting and dark in colour. These days brewers are far more experimental and this has led to lighter beers with new aromas and tastes which are bringing women into the category. Once they have found a beer style that they like, they are hooked.”

Marston’s also employ Genevieve Upton at the Burton brewery and Rebecca Adams at Jennings Brewery, who Emma says are now “coming up through the ranks.”

One female owned and run brewery making a name for themselves nationally is the award winning Mallinson’s brewery. Founded by CAMRA members Tara Mallinson and Elaine Yendall at a small six barrel plant in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in 2008, they moved to a larger 15 barrel site in 2012 to help meet the growing demand.

“Myself and Elaine set up Mallinsons in 2008 because we selfishly wanted to brew beers we liked to drink. Brewing real ale is a great job, you get to experiment with new hops, rebrew old favourites and hopefully give the people who drink your beer a great pint.” Tara Mallinson, Co-founder of Mallinson’s Brewery.

And it’s not just in the brewing world where women are making a name for themselves; it’s on the other side of the bar too, with Sophie Atherton winning the 2013 Beer Sommelier of the Year award. Sophie, who was the first woman to become a fully qualified beer sommelier in the UK, hosts beer tasting events, often including beer and food matching, but always sharing her love for what she sees as the best drink in the world.

“One of the things I love most about beer is that there’s always a style to suit the season, the occasion or just my mood! Whether it’s golden summer ales, autumnal reds, or a rich, chocolatey stout or porter by the fire in winter beer’s always got something to offer and an incredible range of flavours that means it’s a drink everyone can enjoy.” Sophie Atherton, Beer Sommelier of the Year 2013.

CAMRA statistics show that the number of women enjoying real ale is on the rise, with women now accounting for 22% of their membership – a growth of 20,000 in the last decade alone. Plus the amount of women trying real ale is also up, from 14% to 34% in the last three years, showing that wider availability and variety of beers is having a positive effect on the number of women giving real ale a go in the pub.

The guide also shows the number of UK breweries to be at a 70 year high and lists breweries across the UK, including the beers they produce, alongside over 4545 real ale pubs.

For more information on the 2014 Good Beer Guide, or to order a copy, visit http://www.camra.org.uk/gbg

Examples of female brewers around the UK:

•Tara Mallinson, Mallinson’s Brewery – Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
•Sara Barton, Brewster’s Brewing Co – Grantham Lincolnshire
•Emma Gilleland, Marston’s Brewery – Wolverhampton, West Midlands
•Genevieve Upton, Marston’s Brewery – Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
•Rebecca Adams, Jennings Brewery – Cockermouth, Lake District
•Carola Brown, Ballard’s Brewery – Petersfield, Hampshire
•Sue Simpson, Brown Cow Brewery – Selby, North Yorkshire
•Frances Moor, Elveden Brewery – Thetford, Norfolk
•Claire Simpson, Belinda Sutton and Jennifer Everall (three sisters), Elgood’s Brewery – Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
•FFion Jones, Brains Brewery – Cardiff, Wales
•Catherine Murphy, Buntingford Brewery – Royston, Hertfordshire (Buntingford ‘Twitchell’ won Silver in the overall Champion Beer of Britain Competition at the 2013 Great British Beer Festival).
•Petra Wetzel, WEST Brewery – Glasgow, Scotland (West do not produce real ale but Petra Wetzel is German and brews her lagers and wheat beers to the German Beer Purity Law, the Reinheitsgebot).
Good Beer Guide cover 2014

Three Dea Latis Members’ First Brew To Be A Guest Ale

6 Mar

A collaboration ale devised by three Dea Latis members and Brewster’s Brewing Company is to be featured as a guest ale in three Fuller’s London pubs.

Chocolate Cyn, a rich spicy Porter 4.8% ABV is the first beer brewed by Jane Peyton (School of Booze); Marverine Cole (Beer Beauty); Shea Luke (Real Ale Girl) with Sara Barton, founder of Brewster’s in Grantham. 

In mid March Fuller Smith & Turner will stock it in three London pubs – the Artillery Arms near the Barbican; the Victoria, Bayswater; and the Mad Bishop & Bear at Paddington station.

Jane Peyton is a freelance brewery tour guide of Fuller’s brewery and it is that connection that opened the ‘guest ale doors’ at Fuller’s.

Let us know if you try it!

Beer and chocolate… what’s not to like?!

29 Feb

Details are now confirmed for the Dea Latis Beer & Chocolate tasting. This is now in its third year, making it an annual tradition for anyone wanting to break two Lenten abstinences in one afternoon!

We will, once again, be tasting a selection of beer and chocolate matches suggested by brewers, who will be on hand to explain their choices and answer questions.  So please join us:

Date:     Tuesday 27th March


Time:    2.00 – 4.00 pm


Venue: Draft House Tower Bridge, 206-208 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UP

All female beer brewing competition won by Dea Latis member

22 Feb

Trumpet heralds at the ready:  DeaLatis member and confirmed beer advocate Louise Ashworth is the winner of a competition for women to create a recipe for their perfect beer. Louise’s fabulous recipe triumphed and later in Spring she will be travelling up to Grantham to brew ……. Wheat Watchers! 

Jane Peyton, Principal of the School of Booze devised the competition in collaboration with Sara Barton at Brewsters Brewing Company as a way of inspiring women to consider brewing beer.  Entrants were asked to take inspiration from one of DivineFairtrade chocolate brands and come up with a beer that they would want to drink.  The prize was for the winner to brew their own recipe with Sara at Brewsters.

Louise described her inspiration for Wheat Watcher’s “My idea is for a wheat beer with raspberries as I think that a lot of women, and men, can be put off from drinking real ale as they think that it will be too bitter. I think that wheat beer is delicious and can be more accessible for non-ale drinkers than many other styles of beer. Unfortunately it isn’t always easy to find a wheat beer in the majority of pubs. I would really like to see wheat beer more widely available and hopefully the beer that we are going to create will be onsale in a large number of pubs.”

Jane and Sara were really impressed with the quality and inventiveness of the competition entries.  Dozens of women entered (and a few men too!) and Sara judged the entries blind.  She chose these recipes as the top 3:

 1st place: Wheat beer with raspberries. By Louise Ashworth

Inspired by Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries.

2nd place: Stout with raspberries, cardamom and black pepper. By Orla Lambe

Inspired by Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries.

3rd place: Golden ale with chestnut honey and thyme (the honey is supplied by the entrant’s friend from local bees) by Hazel Paterson

Inspired by Divine’s Fruit and Nut

Sara chose Louise’s entry as the winner because she “liked the contrast between the light fruity style of the wheat beer and the dark chocolate with raspberries and felt it would really complement the flavour of the chocolate. Wheat beers are a very interesting complex product with interplay between malt, hops and yeast in particular giving a deceptively full flavoured brew. I am really looking forward to producing the winning entry and am sure it will go down well with publicans and drinkers alike.”

Another really inventive entry was by another DeaLatis member – Niki Skaife, publican of the excellent Masons Arms, Bishop Monkton, near Harrogate.  Niki received an honourable mention for her delicious sounding Mild with Sloe and Juniper.

Jane and Sara had such fun with this competition – and judging by the amazing recipes that came in, so did the women who entered.  It was obvious by all the recipes that us women love flavour! 

When Louise’s Wheat Watcher’s beer is brewed we’ll let you know – maybe you’ll find it on the bar of a pub near you…..

Women only beerfest in Leicester

12 Feb

Well done to the brewsters who have organised this weekend’s beer festival. All beers brewed by women. Wish I was a bit closer to Leicester!


A Dream Come Brew

26 Jan

Have you ever dreamed of brewing your own beer in a proper brewery as opposed to a bucket in the airing cupboard?  I have.  Many times.  Then last year I met Sara Barton, founder of Brewsters Brewery at the launch of Project Venus’s brewing collaboration – Venus Jade.  I confessed my aspiration and Sara responded with an emphatic ‘Do it!’

the-dream-team1Turns out that I was not the only DeaLatis member harbouring the brewing fantasy because when I mentioned it to Marverine Cole (@BeerBeauty) and Shea Luke (@RealAleGirlShea) they also had that ambition. We discussed our ideal recipe and decided on a dark spicy winter ale. So on a very auspicious date 21/1/12 (it’s a palindrome) the three of us accepted Sara’s invitation to ‘do it’ and we travelled up to Brewsters Brewery in Grantham and did it!

And as I write this, a wonderful yeast that smells of green apples is bubbling away and turning our 30 barrel brew into delicious beer.  What an incredible thought. But who knew what hard physical work it is to brew beer?  Hauling the malts around, hoisting buckets up high, pouring the contents into mash tuns and coppers, and then the cleaning afterwards.  Oh the cleaning – raking out the mash tun, poking around in the hot copper to extract the thousands of whole hops, washing out vessels and leaving the brewery as we found it.  But what satisfaction!And what fun.  All three of us virgin brewers felt as though we were in the best toy shop imaginable – and one in which lunch was served with Brewsters Pale Ale, and Brewsters’ brand new Black IPA (called Cruella) decanted straight from the conditioning tanks.  Heaven.

In a couple of weeks Brewsters will cask and bottle condition the beer for sale through their ‘Wicked Women’ range. We’re waiting to mention the beer’s name until the launch party in late February or early March – most likely at London’s Tap East with its incredible range of beers (thanks Glyn!) so hopefully you’ll come and taste the difference.

Huge thanks to Sara, Sean, and Richard at Brewsters for making our dream come brew.  I’m even more in love with beer than I was before and my maiden voyage on the brew boat has made me even more obsessed with brewing.  We’ve done a winter brew, but there are three more seasons in a year.  So how’s about it BrewsterSara, Beer Beauty, and RealAleGirlShea?

By Jane Peyton, Principal of the School of Booze

Project Venus Reloaded

19 Sep

Venus RogueA beer brewed for women, by women, is being officially launched today.

Project Venus, the collaborative brewing project of women brewers (or brewsters as they are properly called) is back in action.Project Venus, the collaborative brewing project of women brewers are launching Venus Rouge which was brewed at Oldershaw Brewery in Granthan.

The brewsters from across the country collaborated on the recipe via Facebook to devise a deep red beer with an ABV of 4.2%.  Venus Rouge uses a complex blend of malts largely sourced locally to Oldershaws brewery but combined with some exciting German, Weyermann coloured malts.  The malt character will be balanced by three aromatic hop varieties.

Project Venus was originally conceived by Grantham brewer, Sara Barton from Brewster’s Brewery.   The aim is simply to show off female brewing at its best.

The first beer, Venus Jade, was brewed at Brewsters Brewery in Grantham and subsequently launched at The Rake bar in London at which two firkins were polished off in two hours!

For this second incarnation, the brewday will be hosted by Kathy Britton, of Oldershaw Brewery (coincidentally also in Grantham).  The Venus brewing team will be made up of Kathy, Sara, Michelle Kelsall from Offbeat Brewery in Cheshire, Sophie de Ronde from Brentwood Brewing Company and Sue Hayward from The Waen Brewery in Montgomeryshire.

The brewsters will also be joined on the day by renowned beer blogger Marverine Cole (Beerbeauty).

The day will also be filmed for BBC2.

The beer will be on sale by most of the breweries involved.  If the previous Project Venus incarnation is anything to go by, best get your pre-orders in fast!

Sara Barton said “I’m so pleased that the project has some momentum, there are not that many women in the beer industry and to have something like this taking off is great news for all of us”

Kathy Britton said “We are delighted to welcome the Venus crew to Oldershaws.  I know we will have a great day, create a brilliant beer and share some tips and experience along the way.”

Have you tried the beer?  Tell us what you think below.

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