About Us

Named after the Celtic goddess of beer and water, Dea Latis is a group of women brewers, maltsters, hop growers, publicans, beer sommeliers, writers, marketeers and beer drinkers.

What unites us is our passion for beer and a belief that it’s far too good to be enjoyed only by men.

Despite the resurgence in interest around beer driven by the boom in craft and micro-breweries and in a country that regards beer as its national drink, women are unrepresented as beer-drinking consumers.

Our aim is to work on behalf of women in the beer and brewing industry to represent them as a minority group but also on behalf of women drinkers – we want to challenge their ideas about beer and present it to them in a way that might encourage them to buy, taste or recommend it.

  • Raising awareness about women working in the beer sector and women who choose beer as a drink of choice;
  • Educating women about beer;
  • Promoting employment within the beer and brewing sector;
  • Researching women’s attitudes to and their relationships with beer.


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